"Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward."    

Drew Houston


The Flannel Axe.  I have so many ideas and concepts for what exactly it is that I'm going for.  I'm not entirely sure of where this might lead which naturally doles out a few spoonfuls of anxiety yet it's a feeling I'm alright with.  If there's a back story I can conjure up ( Just in case years from now some meek & introverted kid stumbles into an old book store mysteriously located off the 'beaten path' and pulls this history gem off of a pile of dusty books.  Only to have the owner of said store, who undoubtedly has to be an old man wearing an even older sweater complete with outdated glasses or a monocle, scold him for touching the book.  He then goes on and on about the dangers and the mystical powers which live among the pages of this novel all while leading the boy right out the door.  And as the young lad begins to walk away clouded in curious bewilderment the old man hollers out one final word of warning to the wind.  And just like that....the store vanishes. ) allow me to make an attempt.

Shit.  Where were we?  Ah, yes.  The beginning.

So the idea stemmed from wanting a site geared toward men.  Hence the axe and the flannel.  I could think of very few other manly objects to join at the hip such as these two.  So the name was born.  What I didn't realize was that I had jumped into the deep end of the pool without my swimmies on.  Good Lord there are more than a handful of 'man sites' peppered across the web.  Any thought that popped into my mind was eventually covered in one form or another.  I wasn't even kidding myself into thinking I might reinvent the wheel.  I just wanted four of them that would get me around without falling off the wagon.  There are some ideas I'm playing with which I hope make their way onto the site at some point and I also hope you're along for the ride.  Awhile back I wrote a short description of what I thought the Axe meant to me ( see below ).  Call it a mission statement if you will.  It's definitely got some of that romantic comedy cheese factor laced into the wording but I believe it paints a decent picture for you.  So I suppose the Axe is a work in progress.  And I'm excited to let it evolve.  Christ, it's taken me long enough just to launch the damn thing.  So in meantime I'll write and after a few prayers and rain dances hope like hell you enjoy.  

My apologies for the winded 'About' section but while I build the content for the Axe allow me to provide a brief prelude to the subcategories under my Blog section:

Life Rules:  These are the charcoals I used to cook up all of the nonsense burgers that consist of the Axe.  They are in no way, shape or form a rule of any sort.  Just some ridiculous observations I make day in and day out.

Tunes:  I love music.  I grew up with a music teacher for a mother.  I'll make my best attempt at bringing to light some of my favorite tunes, bands and anyone of interest playing in or around the state of CO.  Get ready to have your ivories tickled.

Come n' Get It:  I love cooking.  I'm no Swedish Chef however some of my favorite dishes I've fumbled through over the years will be thrown up here.  Too many God damn people are packing in the carry-out food slapped up next to their friendly neighborhood nail salon.  

An Axe to Grind:  There are plenty of axes out there that need a good grindin'.  Crank up the grindstone.  

Axe Apparel:  Most places you find yourself these days you're required to wear clothing.  Let us help you with that predicament.  

And finally, without further adieu....the statement of my mission: 

What, exactly, is in a name?  It's the sweat on your brow.  A cold beer cradled in the palm of your hand.  That final bone-rattling chord of a rock n' roll tune.  The instantaneous roar of laughter after a well-delivered story.  Your determination to succeed in the face of one failed attempt upon another.  When a mountain stands in your way?  It's the summit.  It's the willingness to embrace the unknown.  It's the effort and it's the passion.  It's hard work, folks.
It's also an idea.  And this idea is for you.   

Welcome to the Flannel Axe.