As I mentioned to you all in my ramblings regarding what I thought the Flannel Axe embodied, it's very much a work in progress.  Having said that, I am always open to fresh ideas.  ANY ideas.  These are uncharted waters I'm treading in.  I may very well be the furthest from a seasoned veteran as one can get.  I'm not even a rookie first round pick.  Hell, I'm more in line with the undrafted free agent clawing for a spot on the practice squad.  So fire away.  You've got web design ideas?  Let's see 'em.  Music I haven't mentioned that you can't stop listening to?  You better believe I want those ivories tickling my eardrums as well.  Or maybe you just want to write to let me know how old you were when you first found out Santa Claus wasn't real.  I can only see good coming out of the constant evolution of The Axe.

And if you find yourself in and around the Denver area by all means light up a fire, grab a blanket and throw some smoke signals my way.  I'm always up to meet a new face, listen to a new story and polish off a few cold beers.   


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