"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

Paul Bunyan's Beard


Your First Album.

It's sad to think that we may have been the last generation to enjoy that almost Christmas Morning feeling of when we purchased our first music album.  For most of us it came in the form of a compact disc.  For some, the ancient cassette tape.  No matter the form it took, we all had the same overwhelming feeling of joy. I remember my first CD like I remember the first boner I got.  Terrified excitement.  Just play with it man....see what happens.  And oh, did I play it. The soundtrack to Cool Runnings.  YUP.  Every time I play a song I can almost hear John Candy pushing me to lengths I never thought possible.  So dust off that old 'All 4 One' album you R&B groovin' machine.  Pick up that archaic Dookie CD you parent-hating emo piece of shit.  Jam out to that Beatles' White Album cause your parents taught you well.  And let that genie out of the bottle Christina....believe me, it's gonna rub you the right way. Play it loud and play it proud folks!  And just remember, like the fearless bobsledder Sanka, your first album ain't dead mon.