"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Google It....The Easy Way Out

Google It....The Easy Way Out

What have we become my children??  We used to be such an exploratory bunch.  We'd willingly sail across the Seven Seas in search of treasures beyond our wildest dreams.  We'd ride that exhilarating wave of adrenaline while attempting daring feats never knowing the physical or emotional outcome until said action was performed.  We used to TRY, dammit!

I ask again.  What happened?

Not a one of us is the same.  We're all unique in the most disastrously beautiful ways.  And yet, with all of that beauty at our disposal, we waste it.  No one has a brain betwixt their ears any longer.  In fact, at this point, we could probably substitute the word 'brain' for 'Google'.  Yup.  The search engine.  And really, it's not even a search engine anymore.  It's a way of life.  

Google has superseded any train of thought.  Nowadays what phrase typically follows any question?  'I don't know.  Google it.'  REALLY?  That's it?  No effort.  No guesses?  No treasure hunt?  Just 'Google it'.  Give me a break.  Flex a bit of that thinking muscle people!

Allow me to play out a real life scenario:  I was at a baseball game with some buddies a few months back.   We were knocking back some cold ones and having a grand old time when in between innings we heard a Blues Traveler song playing over the speakers.  This prompted someone to ask 'Who's the lead singer of this band again?'  And in hindsight, that's a shitty question because you SHOULD know that answer.  Alas, almost every man instinctively reached for his phone.  It was then that I chimed in.

'STOP!  We're doing this the old-fashioned way....the RIGHT way!'

So we sat there and guessed.  We poked and prodded and dodged and weaved until the final glorious moment when someone shouted out with glee!  'It's John Popper!'

Bingo.  We did it.  Like the band of Wisemen searching for the manger....we followed the star and it guided us home.  An avalanche of victory crashed down upon us.  We conquered that day.

So the next time you feel yourself being hypnotized into that Venus flytrap known as Google just stop.  Reach inside yourself and tap into that knowledge-seeking renegade you've neglected for so long.

And if for some reason you can't pin down the answer you seek then I don't know what to tell you....Just Google it.


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