"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Hibernate During the Holidays with some BLiS.

Hibernate During the Holidays with some BLiS.

Well kids it's dumping snow here in good old CO.  The only problem with our current forecast is that my skis aren't under my feet.  So, in the spirit of discussing the things we love.  The things we cannot live without.  I will attempt to ignore all of the calls from those beautiful snow-blasted Rockies and discuss another topic close to my heart.  And really, it's close to all of our hearts in one form or any of a thousand more.  Food folks.  Let's talk a little food.

Yes, it sure is a broad topic so why don't we whittle it down a bit?  I'm going to offer up a few suggestions on what to dress your food with, what to use as a sidekick.  Basically I'll be pitching a phenomenal product for you while we all trudge through the holiday gauntlet.  

The holidays mean all sorts of extravagant traditions for all sorts of extraordinary people.  One constant through the entire process has to be our food.  Just as we all come in different shapes and sizes so, too, do our dishes.  Remember, it's the holidays.  Time to hunker down and layer up for hibernating season.

Why not do your spreads a solid and compliment them with some delectable sauces?  What sauces you ask?  I'm talking about the one and only line of bourbon barrel-aged sauces from BLiS.  If I could use every legitimate word in the dictionary synonymous with superb I would yet alas, I just don't have the time.  However YOU have the time to check out their site and order up some of that mind-blowing product.  They offer up everything from hot sauce to maple syrup.  Please trust me.  Your stomach and your food will not be able to thank you enough.

    My God would you just gawk at all of that beautiful BLiS!!!!

So while you're gaining a little momentum through your holidays (and perhaps a waistline number or two) why the hell wouldn't you do so using some of the best product on the market?

And oh yea!  The Flannel Axe went to bat and will ALWAYS go to bat for BLiS!  As a matter of fact, we were featured no more than a few shorts months ago.  To get a better handle on who we are and a little history of where we came from check out our blog excerpt HERE!  More importantly, that little link right there will take you to the promised land that is BLiS.

So stock up on the goodness!  They make excellent stocking stuffers or better yet a perfect culinary arsenal right at your fingertips.  

Oh, before I forget!  In case your curiosity was getting the better of you I should let you know what BLiS stands for.  BECAUSE LIFE IS SHORT.  And isn't that the truth!  What a perfect statement and an even better explanation for why you need to enjoy BLiS' exquisite products.

Get out there and make your food the talk of the holidays!  Because, well....

Because Life is Short!

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