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Vox Vidorra

Vox Vidorra

Who says that the only good thing to come out of my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI is craft beer?  Those fools would be sadly mistaken.

Take, for example, the four-piece set of soulful troubadours who go by the name Vox Vidorra.  Their sound will slap you right in the face and make you ask for more.

So ask yourself...."Why haven't I been listening to these cats already?!"  Ask no longer oh ye poor souls who've been musically deprived up to this point.  Get after it and start enjoying.  Check 'em out and support some seriously gifted musicians.  

I've also shared VV through my Spotify account so go start following for Christ sake!!


Life Rule #585.  Whistle While You Wipe

Life Rule #585. Whistle While You Wipe