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You can take those four fingers and....

I wanted to catch my beloved Spartans wrap up another spot in the Big Ten title game the other night while trouncing Penn State in their season finale.  After taking care of those shit-eating Buckeyes the week before I was riding high.  I have a very short and specific list of sporting events I'd like to see unfold in my lifetime.  

A Spartan football national title, a Sparty basketball title (due to unfortunate circumstances I missed our 2000 title run), a Tigers' world series win (I was born the year they won it in '84) and a Lions' superbowl win........sorry, now I'm getting carried away.

Either way, as I shifted my ass on my parent's couch for an even cozier spot, demolishing yet another one of Michigan's fine craft beers, I see a sight that makes my pride for my Spartans lose a bit of its luster.  Much like the celebration of our kicker during the win against OSU.  I will comment on kickers in the game of football later.  

As the third quarter comes to a close the camera pans to the MSU sideline.  What I saw next made the last sip of my Short's Brewing Pan Galatic Gargle Blaster damn near spew out of my mouth.

Each and every last player on the team had their hands held high flashing four fingers.  Why?  To signify that the fourth quarter had just approached.  Yet I ask why again.  Because really....why?!  We know it's the freakin' fourth quarter you jackasses!  EVERYONE knows.  We've got screens the size of Kim Kardashian's ass surrounding the stadium to remind us.  Oh, wait.  You do it to remind your fellow teammates to dig a little deeper, right?  One more quarter guys!  Find that little 'extra'.  Give me a damn break.  Why not just play hard the entire game?  There's a novel idea.

Enough with the gimmicks.  Just know that the game's end is drawing near and get the job done.  Let's not allow these charades to get out of hand.  Hell before you know it players are going to start celebrating when they score or even worse!  They'll start taking over the responsibilities of the referees and signify when they've completed a first down!

Oh, wait........


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