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Megafaun:  Give 'em a Good Listen

Megafaun: Give 'em a Good Listen

Alright.  The excerpts have been lacking and for that I apologize.  What better way to ease back into the swing of things than by throwing you a few musical selections?

Side note:  Rdio, the music streaming engine I've been using has been purchased by Pandora so for as short a time as possible I'll have no playlists for you to suckle at.  Again, my apologies.

Now, let's dive into our title band, Megafaun.  I'd caught onto these gems a few years back while lost in an aggressive search for new tunes.  My treasure hunt bore plenty of fruit.  These guys rock.  There's some folk, bluegrass, rock and just solid/tight harmony.

It will come as no surprise that I highly recommend you roll a few of their songs to see if it's something you could belt out while ripping down the highway.  I've included a few YouTube selections of my favorites.  I hope Megafaun becomes a staple somewhere in your music library as it has become for me.  As always kids....rock n' roll.

Can't Get Enough of that Grass

Can't Get Enough of that Grass

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