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Yonder Mountain Magic

Yonder Mountain Magic

There's been quite a few additions to our Chop the Wood playlist.  The list is long and it is strong (that's what she said) however I think it's time we started a new list.  We'll keep our Chop the Wood, fear not.  Now I'll start getting a bit more specific with genres moving forward.  Makes searching a bit easier and takes away the chore of you wading through piles of music.

Introducing our second list....Whittle Me This.

I've gone bluegrass on you.  This list starts out with Yonder Mountain String Band's new album 'Black Sheep' and boy is she a doozy.  The string work on this project will have you itching to toss on a pair of overalls, straw hat, cowboy boots and a full-blown effort to find the nearest hoedown.  

Now I've also added somewhat of a newcomer.  I saw this group down in Colorado Springs for a free show at a small coffee shop.  They were flat out incredible.  Energy through the roof and some damn good tunes.  Here's another one of my favorites from the band right HERE.  You'll want to follow these folks as they are cranking out some quality music.

So jump on into our new list!  Check out our old list!  All found on The Flannel Axe Rdio account.

They're Always After Me #1 Spot:  Top 5 Cereal Mascots.

They're Always After Me #1 Spot: Top 5 Cereal Mascots.

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