"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Old Classics....New Classics

I love Neil Young.  The guy might not have the voice of an angel but his songs are nothing short of marvelous.  I enjoyed some of his greatest hits today.

I followed up Neil with a group I'd consider one of our better talents of the modern day.  Dawes.  They've got a distinct sound highlighted by a front-man with a distinct voice.  Check 'em out if you haven't already.

Band of Horses found its way into my shuffle list which is a decent band.  I'll ride out their songs from time to time.  Another little pleasant surprise was First Aid Kit.  Group of chicks with a somewhat 'older/dated' sound which I'm digging.  Check out some of their tunes!

I was also able to dig up one of my old favorites today!  Jinja Safari.  Definitely an acquired taste but absolutely worth a listen.  Big drums.  Staccato guitars.  Originally consisting of a duo out of Sydney, Australia they have grown a rather impression following Down Under with their energetic live shows.  Let's hope they make their way over to North America sometime soon.

Allow me to remind you to find our every-growing playlist in Rdio under Chop the Wood.

Rock n' Roll!

onefold:  Excellent service.  Mouthwatering dishes.

onefold: Excellent service. Mouthwatering dishes.

Life Rule #589.  Step Aside, Buttercup.

Life Rule #589. Step Aside, Buttercup.