"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

Paul Bunyan's Beard

A Smorgasport.

Today couldn't have done a better job of living up to your 'typical Monday'.  So to rebuttal I spent an ample amount of time diving into some new tunes and some old.  What I got were pleasant surprises from both sides.

You all know Toto with their close-to-one-hit-wonder track 'Africa'.  Let's just say we blessed the rains today.

Amidst the ridiculousness that is Toto I stumbled upon an old favorite of mine, Sufjan Stevens.  Great musician and fellow Michigander.  I threw some of my favorites of his onto our list.

My new treat might be Rayland Baxter.  Little slower.  Nice and mellow.  Solid tunes.  He just struck the right chords today.  

Take a dive into the list!  Chop the Wood was peppered with new entries today so head on over and enjoy some music!  Here's to a little wine, some good dinner and a Monday we can put behind us.

Rock n' Roll.

Bang Me!

Bang Me!

Life Rule #110

Life Rule #110