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Bang Me!

Bang Me!

I'm not huge on the national chain restaurants but I'm also not a big enough of an asshole to not admit that some of the better known dishes out there are simply delightful.  Big Mac, anyone?  Which, maybe we'll dive into the 'pink slime' that is McDonald's some other night but if you think you can look me straight in the eye and tell me you don't like ONE single item on their menu then you're just a flat out liar and you should be hung for treason against fast food magic.  Alas, I have digressed slightly....

I raise the subject of main chains tonight because I dabbled in a staple menu item from none other than Bonefish Grill.  I had a friend nudge me in the seafood direction and offer up this delectable little gem.  I've had Bang Bang Shrimp before.  Great dish.  Seafood hadn't graced our table in awhile so we saddled up the seahorse and gave her a ride!

Here's a link to the main recipe (credit Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice).  You can follow it to a 'T' or stray from the master plan if you so choose.  Guess it'd depend on the style of cook you are.

I used Sriracha for my 'hot sauce' instead of Cholula.  I used almond flour as a sub for your regular run-of-the-mill flour.  I used vegetable oil but would have preferred coconut because my fiance is a nutritionist and it's better for me.  

Either way....Shrimp the shit out of your night!  It's a great/light meal and goes down exceptionally well with a few Moscow Mules (just grab a handful of limes, ginger beer, copper mugs and your choice Vodka and become the mixologist you always knew you could be).  If you fancy yourself a cocktail or two for supper.

Swing low.  Sweet chariots.

Swing low. Sweet chariots.

A Smorgasport.