"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

Paul Bunyan's Beard

Set it & Forget it.

Set it & Forget it.

The Crock Pot is such a glorious kitchen utensil.  It makes us mediocre aspiring cooks look like we up and created the Last Supper.  Alas, we're not a seasoned 5-star chef and we may not whip up the loveliest creations but we sure can break bread together....so let's get down to it.

This one's simple and it's one of our favorites.  Again, you can follow the recipe HERE, which gave us our original blueprint, or you can run wild.  Your call.

I've used both breasts and thighs.  I don't think it matters much.  We usually tone it down a bit on the Soy sauce (bout a third of a cup) and ramp up the ketchup/honey combo.  By the way, if you have never tasted the magic that is Blis Gourmet then I suggest you do so pronto.  Their Maple Barrel Aged Soy Sauce is the newest culinary masterpiece in a line of exquisite sauces.  Check 'em out.

Our chicken typically demands a sidekick and for that we almost always bake a pile of sweet potatoes.  Great side.  Good for you.  We're winning all around with this one!  Here's our blueprint however if you can navigate your way around the internet I'm sure you could find others that will also suit your needs.

Dust off that slow cooker and get the feast rolling!


The Stones

The Stones

Swing low.  Sweet chariots.

Swing low. Sweet chariots.