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Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

Today we're going to hop off of the Rdio set-list and just appreciate some of the greatest into/theme songs of all time.  Oh, it's music, just with a visual twist.

WARNING:  You WILL be humming these tunes for the next few days.

Reading Rainbow.  What a classic.  Learn to read and learn to rock n' roll.  Thank you LeVar!

Not only is this perhaps the greatest theme song of all time but the show in its entirety was pure gold.  Kit and his board, Baloo and his plane?!  Tossing a damn pineapple through spinning turbines WHILE flying a plane?!  Otherworldly.  

Sister.  Sister.  Pretty shitty show but how about Tim Reid?  Who was this guy and where is he now??  I don't know the answer to either of these questions but I DO know that the mustache screams conqueror of worlds.

The greatest song with no lyrics whatsoever.  Toss on top of that heap a supporting cast member whose name is Skeeter and you're going places.  Do do do do do do do do do do DO!

Winner of best intro to an intro.  The piano....the zoom in across Lake Michigan.  Carl FREAKIN' Winslow.

This, as we all know, could go on and on.  And perhaps we'll revisit the list.  If anyone's reading this pass along one of your favorites!  If not, I guess I just did an excellent job of entertaining myself.


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