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New Tunes Nestled in a New Playlist

New Tunes Nestled in a New Playlist

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.  Head on in.  There's our new playlist.  Rdio is our subscription of choice.  www.rdio.com.

Alright.  Not too many songs in this list yet and as of right now a rather sporadic list.  Either way you should enjoy.  

New Navy I just stumbled upon.  Solid grooves.  Mellow.  Good music to read a book along with.  Or maybe you crochet...also an excellent activity to accompany this band.

Royal Blood was just a flat-out pleasant surprise.  We saw them open for the Foo Fighters a mere night ago.  Two gentlemen.  They put out a sound that made it seem like a band of 7.  SOLID rock n' freakin' roll.  They lassoed our attention and held it for the entire set.  A rare talent for an opener.  Think of a bit harder of a Black Keys sound.  Check the duo out.

I'll keep building up the playlist but for the meantime enjoy!!  Again, our list is at www.rdio.com or just head right here:  BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

Life Rule #505  Cut it Out

Life Rule #505 Cut it Out

It's Just Guac

It's Just Guac