"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life Rule #234.  Belts....Not just holding up your trousers.

Life Rule #234. Belts....Not just holding up your trousers.

Have you ever left your home at any given time of day and realized, after it was far too late, that you forgot to slip a belt on?  You look down in an instant to confirm that, indeed, the belt is gone.  It's like watching the ice cream topple out of your waffle cone onto the ground.  It all unfolds in slow motion.  

Oh, no.  No more tasty ice cream.  Just a cone.

Oh, no.  No more fashion accent.  Just a pair of slacks.

It's not a matter of whether or not your pants actually need the belt for support.  It always has been and forever will be a mental catastrophe.  Even if my slacks fit nice and snug it will feel as though some lost little kid is pulling at my pant leg.  Mental torture.

Compare it to prison.  Let's say one morning all of the inmates wake up to find not a single guard at his post.  There is no authority of any kind visible.  HOWEVER, all of the doors and gates remain locked.  Shit, that's still not going to stop the inmates from attempting a jail break.  Now, would you want to walk past a prison knowing that THAT scenario has unfolded?!  You really want to roll those die?!  I thought not.

So tread warily near the poor chap who's seemed to have misplaced his belt and consequently, his mind.  You will find no joy nor partake in any tomfoolery.  Leave the man be.  Leave him be.

Moral?  Not so much.  Just a word of warning.  When you wake up tomorrow morning make certain that your leather waistband is at the ready.  Let it hold you up.



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