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What's Your Number Again?

What's Your Number Again?

Do you remember when you used to remember a phone number?  Your mind was a thick mental Rolodex of numbers.  You could rip off your home phone, top friends' numbers and even your local Blockbuster (in case you needed to find out if they still had stock of The Neverending Story) whenever anyone asked.

Now, I don't even know my wife's cell number off the top of my head.  And that, dear friends, is an issue.  I go blank when someone needs her number yet if you want to know my best friend's landline phone from back in 1996 well I can give that to you!

It's the damn cell phone.  With all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) advancements in technology we're limiting the requirements of our good old noggins.  Yet what if we lost that little device we usually only use for nonsense?  What if you didn't have that cell nestled deep in your back pocket?  Chaos.

Curb that chaos.  Snag a Moleksine or laminate a tiny piece of paper to keep on your person in case of emergencies.   You never know, right?

What if you're strolling down the street tomorrow and you catch a glimpse of a shiny object in the weeds?  Oh, lookie there!  It's a freakin' Genie lamp.  And as such, you're going to rub that lamp as if you were alone in your home late at night looking to clear the pipes.  And even though you don't believe in all of that hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo out pops a Genie!  Guess what happens next?  Uh huh.  Three wishes he will bestow upon you.  But wait!  There's just one little caveat.  For every wish granted you must provide a telephone number of a beloved one....Easy right?  You go reaching for your cell phone only to find empty space.  Slowly you look up to see that shifty granter of wishes waving your phone in your face.  He's picked your pocket!  Claiming that referencing your digital phone book would be too easy.  And just like that your magic carpet ride comes crashing to the ground.  You start to sweat.  You cannot think of a single number.  You've already lined up every single wish you want this burglar to grant!  But now you're watching each one of those dreams vanish into thin air just as the Genie has done.  Yea....he's gone.  In the place of the lamp lies your phone.  The destroyer of the new life you were envisioning.  

Wow.  Powerful stuff, right?  Makes you want to memorize a few important contacts doesn't it?  So get to it.  For you'll never know the next time you run into a lamp laying on the side of the road.  And when you do you'll be prepared.  And then before you know it you'll be flying through the air singing A Whole New World.

Genie Lamps.  They're out there.


Life Rule #912:  I'm Lovin' It.

Life Rule #912: I'm Lovin' It.

Elvin Bishop

Elvin Bishop