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Life Rule # 330. Say Your Thank You with a Card

Maybe your parents got you a nice birthday gift.  Maybe your friends came across the country to visit you for a weekend.  Maybe your grandmother still sends you a $10 check for Christmas.  All of these cases (and many more) have something in common.  They all deserve a 'thank you'.  No, not a thanks via Facebook or in a text message.  Send a freakin' card.  Sit down for 4 minutes, write a heartfelt note of gratitude, plaster a stamp on an envelope and send that biotch out.  It's the least you could do.

And yet!  We're witnessing the art of writing vanish quicker than a cooler full of juice boxes at a kids' tee ball game.

We're already on the brink of cursive being nixed from schools.  Younger generations abandoning the pen for their already callused thumbs.  Emails bulldozing letters.  Communication is becoming desensitized.

Take a look into our history.  Letters, diaries, and books were the finest form of the expression of human emotions.  Christ, ask someone when the last time they happened to visit a library or dive into book rather than catch up on their favorite show?

Sure, technology has forced us to adapt in certain areas and at times it is indeed necessary albeit not as much as one might think.  

I suppose my point is this;  I would put much more stock into a handwritten note/letter than I would a text or an email or some bullshit message via the Book of Faces.  Because you made an effort and your effort goes a long way.  It carries the same meaning it would with any facet of life.  Make an effort.

No one needs you to crank out the next volume of the Encyclopedia but for God sake put some ink on a piece of paper.

The next time someone does something kind for you give them the courtesy of your penmanship.  


Bill Withers

Bill Withers

Union Duke

Union Duke