"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life Rule #400.  Please....'Handle' With Care

Life Rule #400. Please....'Handle' With Care

This particular rule goes out to all of you delightful business owners who might happen to have public restroom(s) residing in your respective facilities, in particular those within the food service community.

A clean restroom is always appreciated yet it's about as likely as one of us getting a platypus for a house pet.  We all want one, but it's never going to happen.

IF it were feasible I'd suggest these bathrooms keep spare galoshes right outside the door so we can slip them on before we enter the danger zone.  There's more liquid strewn about a public bathroom than there is at the bottom of a rain forest.  Just hope you don't find any poisonous creatures in the former.

All I'm asking for is a wastebasket right next to the door and a device which efficiently distributes paper towel to my hands.  None of this blow drying malarkey.  It's really quite simple.

I need the towels for two reasons:

  1.   To dry my hands off
  2.   To open the door if, God forbid, it's a pull only and there's a handle

And I need the wastebasket next to the door for one reason only:

  1.   To toss my used towels in as I'm holding the door open with my foot

See, I want NO PART of grabbing a bathroom door handle with my bare skin.  I'd rather shake hands with a giraffe's penis.  I'm not touching that shit.  I've literally waited for another patron to finish cleaning up their business so they can open the door ahead of me.  

Call me crazy!  Or rather, call me clean.

Either way, let's get the ball rolling.

Will the Price Ever Be Right Again??

Will the Price Ever Be Right Again??

SNOW?!  Let's Get FUNKY....w/ Vulfpeck

SNOW?! Let's Get FUNKY....w/ Vulfpeck