"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life sure is a funny son of a bitch.  No more than a day after our little rant surrounding the decline of quality music, a group of us moseyed our way down to a local Denver dive and experienced magic unfold right before our eyes.

I believe I'm throwing out a generous number when I say there might have been 75 people in attendance, which really is a shame folks are that incognizant of this group (that will NOT last long).  On the flip side those of us present benefited tremendously.  I mean, these guys flat.  Out.  Jammed.  You would have thought they were playing in front of 7,500 howling fans instead of the meager gathering we put together.  And just like that, from the start of the show to the very last note, everyone in that room fell in love with Miner (if they hadn't already).

None of the words I'm plastering into this article can accurately describe last night's scene at The Larimer Lounge.  The main purpose is an attempt to give this astronomically talented group as much recognition as I can muster.  This is a band plowing right through the country leaving their mark and I suggest you hop on the bandwagon while there's still room.  I've dropped a few of their songs below as well as our Spotify playlist, which consists of any/all Miner songs I could scrounge up.

Do yourself a favor and listen to these guys.  After your face melts off of your skull and your ears recover from multiple audiogasms then do Miner a favor and support their cause.  Fine them over at www.thisisminer.com.  Scoop up some of their music!  Once you're done with all of that just keep listening and keep an eye out.  If they're heading your way you'd be best serve to go and experience their sound.

Rock n' roll.


Life Rule #074.  Your Ruffles Deserve A Partner

Life Rule #074. Your Ruffles Deserve A Partner

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