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The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers

Today's musical sample comes to you courtesy of The Wood Brothers.  A three-piece set with a rather distinct sound.  Occasional harmony backs the lead vocals you'll never hear anywhere else.  That's to say that brother Oliver has some unique pipes.  Oh and if you need validation as to the band's history/clout look no further than brother #2, Chris.  He would be the Wood brother involved with the infamous trio Medeski, Martin & Wood.  So you've got that magic to work with.

I don't particularly care to peg an act as one sound or another.  I'm not in the band.  I don't have the vision they've been whittling over the years so I don't want to speak for any of them.  Having said that, if I had to give The Wood Brothers a sound well you'll get a grab bag of opinions.

I hear some folk, bluegrass, rock and definitely the blues (one of their main influential genres).

So take a crack at their music.  I've got a link to our playlist below.  Oh, and if you happen to notice the band swinging through your hometown well you'd be best served to go see the show.  It's an exceptional live act.  Plentiful energy for a three-piece set.


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Life Rule #578. The Rocking Chair

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