"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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At the Movies....Of Your Life.

At the Movies....Of Your Life.

Below every great movie title was an endearing confirmation of greatness.  The genre, length, nor cast never mattered for it was the originator of the approval from whence we sought our answers.

'Siskel & Ebert give it two thumbs up!'

You all remember the drill.  If that phrase followed a movie title you knew you had the opportunity of witnessing gold bars being created right before your very eyes.  Now, of course those two dusty old men got it wrong from time to time.  Hell, they gave Tommy Boy a poor rating!  I can almost hear Chris Farley screaming 'Holy Schnikes!' from his grave.  You can call them what you like but in my mind they're glorified opinion spewers.  You can't fault them for it, after all, aren't we all?  Hell I had a buddy tell me Vanilla Sky was quite possibly the best movie ever created.  WHAT?!  That might be the dumbest Goddamn thing I've ever heard.

So the pair's final verdict may not have always been spot on but you held that mark in high regard whether you cared to admit it or not.

Having said that....how delightful would it be to have a Siskel & Ebert style rating for every decision you made in life?!  Maybe you receive a text notification or perhaps a tiny voice in your head.  Makes you wonder a bit, no?

Scenario #1:  Andy opts for reduced fat 2% versus Vitamin D milk while grocery shopping.  Siskel & Ebert give it two thumbs up!

Scenario #2:  Ichabod (why not) goes out with the fellas for a few drinks even after he told his wife they would enjoy a date night.  Siskel & Ebert give it two thumbs down!

Scenario #3:  Ezekiel borrows his friend's unicycle and handlebar mustache wax in preparation for a hipster gathering where he wants to impress his peers.  He never returns the loaned items.  Siskel & Ebert give it two thumbs waaaay down!  Once for not returning the items and another for being a hipster.

By golly I think you've got it!

I truly believe we would pile up quite a few more 'good deeds' if we knew we were getting the green light from two of cinemas craftiest critics.  And no one likes receiving any form of a thumbs down.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go have a drink.

Siskel & Ebert give it two thumbs up! 

The Suffers

The Suffers

James Vincent McMorrow Sits at the Game of Thrones

James Vincent McMorrow Sits at the Game of Thrones