"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life Rule #074.  Your Ruffles Deserve A Partner

Life Rule #074. Your Ruffles Deserve A Partner

If you're going to grab a bag of Ruffles, whether it be original, cheddar, sour cream & onion, or my new favorite, loaded bacon & cheddar potato skins (pause for deep breath)....well then you're going to need to accompany that bag of excellent (and later poor) decisions with an equally excellent side kick.

Make damn sure you pull a tub of French Onion Dip out of the refrigerated section.  And if you're going to eat Ruffles chips without this delectably perfect compliment then what's your aim in life?  You sure as hell have less friends then you did before reading this because I'm no longer part of that group.  

It's not a health issue.  My God, you've already committed to the bag!  Roundhouse your taste buds with some of that creamy goodness!

Ruffles.  French Onion.  Go ahead you chaperon of the food community prom.  Introduce these two and let them dance. 

Make sure they're home by midnight.

The Office Mirage

The Office Mirage