"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life Rule #0.  Everyone Should Have A Goal

Life Rule #0. Everyone Should Have A Goal

Everyone has a goal or goals.  We're told it's healthy to set goals for ourselves, right?  Gives us something to reach for, something to work hard for in order to achieve.  Everyone is different so it only makes sense that our goals would be different.  One of you may want to receive a promotion within the next year.  Someone may want to be a homeowner before they start a family.  Another may strive to learn how to play the piano before they're 35.  

Anyone's personal goal(s) are all fine and good but do you have a ridiculous goal in mind?  Have you managed to set your sights on the nonsensical?  What's life without a bit of humor?  You're not living if you're not laughing.  

So I would like to think that I set my sights high.  I aimed at the sun.

My goal is quite simple.  All I want is a giant expansive wooden deck.  I need a panoramic view of either mountains or water engulfing my line of sight.  Preferably, I'd like to stride out onto this deck from a set of glass double-doors which swing outward once opened.  

Here's the apex of the goal.  I want to stroll out onto this deck with a piping hot cup of coffee and be 100% as naked as the day I was born.  A nude king observing his kingdom.  Doesn't have to be my home, either!  I just need that deck, that coffee, and a bare set of Christmas hams.  I'll complete my goal in the morning hours which will only heighten my chances of seeing wildlife scurry around below me.  Why hello down there Bullwinkle!  I see your moose antlers and raise you a pair of moose knuckles.  Naked out on a deck.  I'm going places.

Hold tight to your goals, they're important, but make sure you do yourself a favor and tuck away a nice little goofy goal.  

Find your deck.

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