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Beef Brisket Barbacoa Beauty

More crock pot simplicity.  It's just too easy to set and forget.  Plus it's shredded beef.  Who turns THAT down?  Maybe the villain from Kindergarten Cop, and that's it.  By the way, before you start cooking you may want to head to that link and watch the  video, it's delightful.

So you'll need a slow cooker (crock pot) and really, who doesn't have one of those?  They pull any mediocre cook out of the weeds every single time.  If you are one of those unfortunates who spends zilch time in the kitchen and you do NOT have a slow cooker just swing through Kohl's and pick one up for about $20.  Cheap ass.

OK.  So below is my breakdown.  I hardly stray from the myrecipes.com (excerpt from Cooking Light) setup so here it is if you want a crisper presentation!


  1.   Cut of beef brisket (Whatever size you want.  I went with 4 lbs.)
  2.   2 jalapenos
  3.   2-3 tomatoes
  4.   1 yellow or sweet onion
  5.   1 little 7 oz can of chili's in adobo sauce
  6.   2-4 tsp of cumin
  7.   4 garlic cloves
  8.   1 red bell pepper
  9.   keep the salt & pepper handy
  10.   4 tbs brown sugar
  11.   4 tbs of olive oil


  1.   In a bowl (cause you'd be a maniac to attempt using a plate) you'll want to mix the garlic (minced), entire can of adobo sauce (with chili's), cumin, brown sugar, and about 2 tsp of salt and pepper....whisk away.
  2.   Rub/marinade you mix all over that beef.  Just worrrrk it in there.  Yup.
  3.   Go right ahead and combine the following at the bottom of your slow cooker: jalapenos (diced), tomatoes (diced), onion (diced), red pepper (diced)
  4.   Place your beef atop the bed of veggies, put a lid on it, and put on LOW for 8 hours.

Easy, right?  I wouldn't have it any other way.  One little suggestion:  The 4 lb option gives you plenty of leftovers and I'd recommend putting down a bed of sweet potatoes, your brisket, and top it with a few over-easy eggs.

Take the recipe or don't.  Either way I hope you have a lovely evening.


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