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Tuesday Toss UP.  The Dip

Tuesday Toss UP. The Dip

Re-re-re-re-REPOST!  Not sure if this will get pushed correctly but here's a reminder to jump my into the magic and listen up to some of The Dip!  Rock n' roll kiddies.

Who doesn't love to just get down and flat out groove?  Sway those hips, slide those feet, or just kick back with a tall cool beverage and let the sounds massage your eardrums.  I'm talking about a 5-star spa treatment here.  

Today's Toss is another version featuring a single band, as it should.  The Dip has a funky, jazzy, fluid sound that just makes you want to walk down the street and say hello to everyone you meet.

Hell, I'm smiling right now.  They're worth a listen, so listen up!  You've got almost 10 folks playing some tight tunes and damn is it delightful.  Horns, rhythm and guitar dance a perfect dance together.  They've got that old school charm with a soulful attitude to boot.  Vocals tie it all together to give you one solid experience.  Check them out kids, you will not regret that move.


Van Morrison

Van Morrison

Space Capone

Space Capone