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The Bones of J.R Jones

The Bones of J.R Jones

I'm not a huge fan of getting comparisons when it comes to music only because sometimes they're way off the mark HOWEVER it happens to give folks a bit of a vantage point from which to draw an idea.  I'd rather you just trust that whenever someone suggests you listen to something or someone you haven't heard that you lend an open ear.  That festers problems as well if we consider the 34 year old male who finds 90's bubblegum pop to be his genre of choice.  I won't judge and I'll give both angles a shot with this next artist.

The Bones of J.R. Jones.  The name is good enough to warrant curiosity.  The guy has a perfect voice to compliment his style of music.  What style you ask?  Think early blues.  Down home and dirty.  Steel guitars, banjos, harmonicas and heavy-hitting beats.

If you need comparisons think of Shakey Graves or an acoustic version of The Black Keys.  Here ya go.  Enjoy and as always....rock n' roll.


Ausgezeichnet!  (You Figure Out the German Translation)

Ausgezeichnet! (You Figure Out the German Translation)

Dreadlock Holiday