"Excuses are the nails that build the house failure."

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Life Rule #1040.  Breakfast in Bed

Life Rule #1040. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  French Toast, cereal, flapjacks, bacon, eggs.  Your arguments are invalid.  It's superb.

The bed happens to be my favorite place sleep and where we spend a good part of our day.

Why aren't we not combining the two more often?

Breakfast and bed go together like Fantasia and dancing brooms.  Shit, due to the popularity of the idea they even started rolling out haunted houses across the country disguised as 'Bed & Breakfast' joints.  You can't tell me Casper isn't creeping around those places dropping his spooky ball sack in your coffee cup.  Regardless....

My rule applies more to your efforts.  If you're one of those fortunate folks out there who gets to share their sleeping quarters with another then you're doing something right.  Nicely done.  Now it's time to do even MORE right by your lady.  Back to the breakfast.  I think we've established that everyone loves the first meal of the day.  And sleep is also a popular activity.  So why not pick an upcoming weekend and sneak out of bed before the missus wakes up and start cooking your way into some morning sex?  Of course it's not just about possible coitus you fucking animals.  You care about the woman so make her feel special for Christ sake.

For all of the reasons above you better be sure you've got a tray of some sort tucked away in that home of yours.  As my father always tells me, presentation is key.  Lay out the main course, side, and drinks in a beautiful display of culinary affection.  A little sticky note to go along with the meal is also encouraged.  

Hey, we all dream, don't we?  And who hasn't had a dream about waking up and eating without even pulling the sheets back?  We all have.  So why not make that important little lady in your life experience the reality?  Bed....Breakfast.  Merge the two delights together and form one magical morning your lover will never forget.

Good morning indeed.  



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