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Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

Amusing.  I've never spoken to, let alone HEARD from a "smooth" operator, yet it's one of the silkiest tunes out there.  Who's Sade talking about?  Perhaps if operators had to listen to this song all day they'd be a bit smoother with their delivery.

We're all very hesitant to dive headfirst into that black hole of "customer service".  

"Hold please...."

"I'm sorry sir, I can't process this request for you.  Allow me to put you on hold while I go get my manager and you contemplate blowing your brains onto the ceiling."

"Thank you for calling support.  Our customer service center is currently experiencing an unusually high amount of traffic.  Your current wait time is however long it takes you to kill four puppies."

"Good morning.  I hate my life, which I don't even need to tell you, seeing as how you called customer service and I answered the other end of the line, thus confirming that I work for the devil himself.  Because I'm being smothered by a dark cloak of misery I feel as though my only escape from this infinite sadness is by passing on my sufferings to you.  Translation?  I'm going to make this experience the worst you've ever had to endure.  Now, how can I pretend to assist you?

Hardly smooth.  Not really much of a stretch to suggest that any sufficient operating is being conducted either, unless of course you count their operation of the pliers they have firmly grasped around my twig n' berries.

I truly believe the idea is a sound one.  Install an audio system in the cube farms these nipple band-aids work in and play Sade's "Smooth Operator" on repeat ALL DAY.  You cannot tell me with an honest heart that customer experience wouldn't skyrocket on a beeline straight to elation.  Every interaction would be as smooth as the saxophone solo in the song.  People would be bolting out their doors swaying their hips.  Life would be good.

Nay, life would be SMOOTH.


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