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90's Hit TV Shows & The Genius Behind The Music.

90's Hit TV Shows & The Genius Behind The Music.

Consider this installment a Thank You note.  Better yet, imagine you're listening to the soft, soothing voice of disc jockeying crooner Casey Kasem.  He's about to read our letter of thanks on the air.  Roll the credits....

Casey:  Good evening to all of my faithful listeners out there.  I would like to open up this segment with a letter.  More specifically, a thank you letter.  I was so touched and immensely moved by these words that tears of hope cascaded down my face.  Hope that there's a better world out there for our children.  A world where Santa Claus is real and the Kardashians don't exist, where all of our boxes of Lucky Charms are explicitly marshmallows, where skating rinks become the beacon of light for all of our social entertaining needs, where puppies spring out of your pillow cases in the morning to wake you with a kiss from their little wet noses.  Hope.  Heed this letter, ladies and gentlemen, and hope with me.  Tonight's entrant chose to remain anonymous, and he writes:

Dear Casey,

I wanted to send this heartfelt letter of gratitude directly to the recipient who deserves all the credit in the world for making my soul smile but alas, I could not track down his home address.  With no where else to turn I took a long shot and sent my words into your studio hoping that they would wade through your sea of followers and find their way unto this angel.  My thanks go out to one Jesse Frederick James Conaway, known professionally as Jesse Frederick.  If you know not who I speak of then shame on you and may catastrophe strike the very core of your being.  Mr. Frederick is responsible for what some might call the greatest soundtracks to the most explosive television lineup this world has ever known.  Four letters.  TGIF.  Need I go further?  I will, for Jesse.  Family Matters.  Step By Step.  Perfect Strangers.  Does one's heart not skip a beat when I utter those precious names?  The man was given gold and somehow he managed to turn it into platinum.  Every time the theme song to Family Matters plays I have to imagine that somewhere out there Jaleel White mutters "Did I do that?".  No Steve, you didn't do that.  Jesse "The Thor of Theme Songs" Frederick did that.  

You'll have to pardon my lengthy letter of thanks but I feel these words need to reach out to the masses and across generations.  Without further adieu, the lyrics to the beloved Family Matters theme song:

It's a rare condition, this day and age, 
to read any good news on the newspaper page. 
Love and tradition of the grand design, 
some people say it's even harder to find. 

Well then there must be some magic clue inside these gentle walls
Cause all I see is a tower of dreams
real love burstin' out of every seam. 

As days go by, 
we're gonna fill our house with happiness. 
The moon may cry, 
we're gonna smother the blues with tenderness. 

When days go by, 
there's room for you, 
room for me, 
for gentle hearts an opportunity. 

As days go by, 
it's the bigger love of the family.

Poetry.  Artistic vocabulary.  Family DOES matter, yet so do the lessons taught by Mr. Frederick's vocal chords.  Step by step, indeed.  It's how I live my life.  It's how I get from my couch to the nearest box of Kleenex because this man's words bring me to tears.  Full House?  Our hearts are full, sir.  Full of amazement.  Perfect Strangers?  You're perfect.

And so we thank you Jesse Frederick.  Thank you for giving Carl Winslow and Suzanne Summers the entrance songs they so rightfully deserve.  You're clearly among the elite and you'll undoubtedly live in our hearts forever.



Well that shit was a little over the top but it really had to go that far.  I had heard the Family Matters and Step By Step songs in succession and KNEW they had to be from the same composer.  Go on, go have a listen below.  Enjoy.  My treat to you all.



Life Rule #4948:  Drop the Microphone.  Quite Literally.

Life Rule #4948: Drop the Microphone. Quite Literally.

You Look Like A....Lunatic.

You Look Like A....Lunatic.