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I've gone on a tear listening to this Montreal-based band after stumbling across their latest album which sadly was released back in 2012.  I had originally gotten hooked to their sound back in 2008, damn near the same way.  Just another one of those bands which caught my attention after I'd spent an unacceptable amount of time sifting through wave upon wave of new music. 

They won't be for everyone but they have quite a unique sound.  They have a slew of hard-hitters and do a nice job of sprinkling in some mellower tunes, if you're into that sort of vibe.

2008's Parc Avenue has a few songs I'd consider a league above the rest:

  1. Good Friend - Excellent lyrics (so pay attention) and a simple yet very rad guitar riff on the verses.
  2. New Kind of Love - Great song.  Slow starter with vocals and an acoustic.  Builds slowly and just flat out fuckin' rocks to the end.  Pounding bass drum with reckless cymbals.  One of my favorites.

2012's The End of That has a few gems hidden in the tracks as well:

  1. End of That - Nice laid back tune.   Entertaining lyrics.
  2. Runaways -  A good hard-hitter.
  3. Lightshow - My personal fave.  Great chords.  Good melody, drums.  Just a well put together song. 

In any event definitely a band worth giving a listen.  

As always, check out the tunes through Rdio via my personal address.  I'll post my most recent favorites on the playlist titled 'Chop the Wood'.  Hope you enjoy.

Reese's....Shaping Up Our Holidays

Reese's....Shaping Up Our Holidays

The Worldwide Leader of Nonsense

The Worldwide Leader of Nonsense